Order Cancellation

Please kindly note that only orders that are in the paid, processing or partially shipped status may be modified or cancelled.

All other orders cannot be changed. We apologize for this inconvenience. In the event that you wish to cancel a shipped or packed order, please contact our dedicated support centre for assistance as soon as possible.

If your order unfortunately cannot be cancelled, we kindly suggest that you accept the package and refer to our warranty policy for more information.


At PETITECLOCHETTE all shipments are sent from different warehouses and are delivered duty unpaid. Consequently, any and all customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. If any, these charges must be paid by the customers. Should the customers refuse the package due to import duties or taxes, they take full liability for all the cost involved in the process. Due to customs regulations, please note that PETITECLOCHETTE cannot to declare purchased items as a gift or list an amount lower than the actual product price.

Customer Code of Conduct Policy

At PETITECLOCHETTE customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to solve all customers problems in a professional and amicable way. However, we will not tolerate any unacceptable or unreasonable behavior towards our Customer Service Team members.

Unacceptable behaviour directed towards Customer Service staff or PETITECLOCHETTE may, for example, include any of the following:

-Aggressive, abusive and threatening behaviour. Examples include: any and all direct or implied threats on any communication channel; intimidating language; personal and verbal abuse; sexist, racist, homophobic, or derogatory remarks; rudeness; inflammatory statements; swearing; and unsubstantiated allegations.

-Persistently making habitually demanding or vexatious complaints, despite the matter having been fully addressed; similarly, repeating complaints persisting despite reasonable and fair solutions being offered in accordance with our policies.

-Asking, expecting or demanding staff to breach established company policy guidelines, e.g. refund amount, time-frame, special compensation, etc.; similarly, seeking an unrealistic outcome beyond the scope of our own policies and procedures. By default, the refund amount cannot exceed the original order amount paid to PETITECLOCHETTE.